Restaurante Parrilla la Santa - Barcelona

The Restaurante Parrilla la Santa is a Spanish restaurant in Barcelona that specialises in serving authentic Argentiean cuisine with a clear focus on the use of fine ingredients without the over-bearing frills that some fine dining establishments tend to use.

The Restaurant

The Restaurante Parrilla la Santa can be found in the upper section to the North-West of the city of Barcelona, in the Spanish region of Catalonia. The restaurant was opened in June 2010 with the aim of revitalising gastronomy in the city of Barcelona by bringing the focus of gastronomic cooking back to the primary materials used.

The Parrilla la Santa is run by Marion Roethig, an artist and designer, whose artistic influence can clearly be seen throughout all aspects of the restaurant. With the help of a group of Catalan professionals who had been working in the hospitality sector, Marion Roethig opened her restaurant in the Sant Gervasí area of the city of Barcelona.

Parrilla la Santa

Her restaurant has become both a place to visit for healthy food without additives or preservatives as well as just a quiet refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. This welcoming and relaxing feeling is created with the help of the fantastic interior design of the restaurant which was carried out by Marion Roethig herself. The restaurant is decorated in neutral colours of creams, browns and pastel greens. One of the walls is covered in a large piece of art made out of a gold material which acts as the Restaurante Parrilla la Santa's logo.

Art can be found elsewhere in the Restaurante Parrilla la Santa, such as in the bar at the front of the establishment. The bar itself is decorated in a modern and industrial fashion, with lots of greys and metallic colours. On the back wall of the bar, wine bottles are displayed in white square frames which make them look like pictures rather than objects. On the wall opposite the bar are little window sections, behind which there are a number of origami, paper birds which are hung up on strings so they look like they are flying. Next to the bar there are also some comfy sofas and chairs which you can relax on whilst enjoying a glass of Spanish wine.

The pieces of art dotted around the restaurant and bar give this bar a unique feel. However thanks to her clever design, the Restaurante Parrilla la Santa remains a multi purpose space that is perfect for every occasion, whether that be a romantic meal, drinks with friends or a business meeting.

The Menu

Menu Parrilla

The Restaurante Parrilla la Santa is proud of its policy of focusing on the ingredients and produce used in their recipes in order to create the best dishes. They use top quality ingredients which they purchase fairly from small to medium sized farmers and suppliers in the local area. As much of the produce used as possible is organic and has been grown without the use of pesticides nor had anything else added to it. This means that all of the dishes at the restaurant are healthy and tasty.

The kitchen team at this Spanish restaurant does its best to cook food healthily in a simple and careful manner which preserves the original flavours of the ingredients. To create their Argentinean style food, the restaurant also employs the use of an efficient barbecue to get that traditional smoke flavour.

Some of the best dishes on the Parrilla la Santa's menu include 'Pulpo a la brasa estilo gallego' (Barbecued Galician style octopus), 'Calamares a la parrilla' (Grilled squid rings), and 'Muslo de pato a la brasa' (Barbecued duck thighs). The restaurant also offers a range of Spanish tapas, many of which are barbecued as well. It's clear that if you love your barbecues, then this is the place for you!