El Dento - Barcelona

El Dento is a luxury Spanish restaurant in Barcelona which feels that it is very much a part of restaurant history. This Spanish restaurant specialises in providing the best service with the best Spanish food possible. They hope that they only receive customers, and wave goodbye to friends.

The Restaurant

El Dento restaurant can be found in the city of Barcelona, the capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia. El Dento is located in the centre of the city, near to some of the city's parks such as the Joaquim Ruyra gardens and the Dr. Samuel Hahnermann gardens. If you have hired a car in Barcelona then you will also be glad to know that there are many car parks nearby the restaurant. If not, El Dento is also well connected by public transport, including the metro of Barcelona.

According to El Dento restaurant in Barcelona, the first restaurant of sorts was opened in Ancient Egypt in 512 BC. This restaurant's slogan was 'Come to me all those whose stomachs cry out in anguish'. Centuries later, in 1975, El Dento restaurant adopted this slogan when it opened in Barcelona. From this time on, El Dento has become a focal point of fine dining in the city of Barcelona and is certainly one of the highlights in the Barcelona city guide books.

El DentoEl Dento underwent a complete change in 2005, changing owners as well as its style, chef and managers. This renovation helped to rejuvenate the restaurant, maintaining it as the distinguished restaurant that it had become to be recognised as. El Dento became a new type of restaurant, the likes of which had not been seen in the city of Barcelona before.

The interior of this Spanish restaurant is one of the elements that makes it so unique. The main focus of the decoration is on the different uses of wood. For example, not only is the furniture made of wood, but the floors and walls too. Combined with a minimalist decoration, the overall effect is extremely powerful and is almost like stepping into a magic picture as it is so psychedelic. Despite this, the design is not garish and once you have taken it all in, it seems normal. There are also smaller walls made of numerous pieces of wood which separate the tables from each other so that the customers can truly enjoy their meal and their own company without the distractions of the other clients. El Dento also has a terrace outside which is the perfect place to sit and sip a cool glass of sangria.

The cuisine at El Dento is taken care of by the head chef, Javier Acevedo. Javier Acevedo has trained and worked at some of the best establishments in Spain including the five star rated Reina Isabel, the Michelin starred Restaurante Rodero and Casa Sixto, a Basque fine dining restaurant in Navarre. Acevedo finally settled in Barcelona, which he considers to be the gastronomic capital of Europe, where he worked in several restaurants before finally ending up working at El Dento as the head chef. Javier Acevedo now manages a large team of professional chefs who are experts in the new, fascinating world of contemporary catering.

The Menu

The cuisine at El Dento is based on traditional Spanish recipes which have been adapted to suit the palates of people today. The restaurant always ensures that is uses as much produce from local markets as possible as well as sourcing the freshest ingredients. All of the dishes served at this Spanish restaurant are also beautifully presented in a modern fashion.

Some of the best dishes from the restaurant's 'à la carte' menu include 'cochinillo deshuesado, jugo de su cocción' (De-boned piglet, served in its cooked juices), 'chuletón de buey 'Angus'' (Angus Beef steak), and 'gazpacho con cerezas' (Gazpacho with cherries). This luxury Spanish restaurant also offers a variety of set menus such as a Group Menu, an Evening Menu and a Business Menu.