Spanish Restaurants in Sevilla

From salmorejo to prawn tortillas, from fino to manzanilla, the south of Spain is well known for its rich variety of fresh products, and its friendly and hearty service. We have selected five top Spanish restaurants in Seville to guide you along the gastronomic routes along the Guadalquivir River.

Sevilla is known as being one of the most 'Spanish' cities in Spain in the heart of the Spanish region of Andalusia. If you think of all the things that make up Spain, bull fighting, Flamenco, and white-washed houses, then you basically have an image of Sevilla. Traditional Spanish culture is all around you, as is fantastic architecture which exhibits both Moorish and Spanish styles. There are numerous intricately cobbled plazas, Baroque churches and the impressive Mudejar styled Alcázar palace. Sevilla also has areas of the city, such as Santa Cruz, with the stereotypical small, cobbled streets that look like they have just jumped out of a postcard. It is no surprise then that this city is considered to be one of the best cities to go to when you visit Spain.

Sevilla is the place to go if you want to try some authentic Spanish cuisine whilst dining on the superb sights that the city has to offer. You will be sure to find heaps of olives and olive oil in restaurants in Sevilla as it is the major olive producing region in Spain. Its position also means that you get the best selection of all Spanish ingredients which arrive in the city from the surrounding regions, mountains and coastlines. There is also a fantastic choice of Spanish restaurants in the city which cater for all tastes and all budgets.


The Restaurants

To take a closer look at our selection of the best Spanish restaurants in Seville, just click on the name of each establishment. Find out all you can eat in Seville!

The Abades Triana restaurant in Sevilla is famous for both its cuisine and its location. The restaurant serves fantastic Mediterranean food with influences of cuisines from across the continents. The building has been designed in a contemporary fashion and has ample windows giving great views across the river and the city of Salamanca.

El Kiosko de las Flores is a Spanish restaurant in Sevilla which has perfected its traditional Spanish food over the 70 years of its existence in the city. Its fame has also meant that the restaurant has attracted many celebrity guests over the years. You never know, you might bump into a Spanish celebrity while enjoying your meal there when you visit Sevilla.

The Enrique Becerra Restaurante is unsurprisingly run by the Spanish chef, Enrique Becerra. The restaurant is decorated in a traditional style and has apparently been visited by many famous Spanish writers. The food is mainly based on traditional Spanish recipes from the Andalusia and the South of Spain.

The Restaurante Egaña Oriza is actually a collection of Spanish restaurants in Sevilla which all have their own purposes. The main restaurant is run by the head chef, Jose Mari Egaña, who likes to combine the Basque cuisine of his homeland with the Andalusian cuisine of Sevilla to produce the best dishes.

The Taberna del Alabardero is a Spanish restaurant in Sevilla which provides training for young, aspiring Spanish chefs was first dreamt up by a priest who wanted to help young people break into the restaurant industry. By letting them cook in the restaurant, the young chefs learn a great deal and provide excellent Spanish food for their customers.