El Kiosko de las Flores - Sevilla

The historic Kiosko de las flores restaurant in Sevilla has been open since the 1930s and has become a focal point for traditional Spanish food. In particular, this restaurant is famous for its Spanish fried fish dishes.

The Restaurant

If you consider the fact that the Kiosko de las flores restaurant has been serving up tasty Spanish food for over eighty years, it is no wonder that this restaurant has become so popular with locals and tourists alike. It also means that they have a long history of experience with their food and are without doubt experts in the field.

El Kisko

The interior of the restaurant would be quite plain if it was not for the typical, jazzy tiled floor and the brightly coloured tablecloths. Furthermore, the walls of the restaurant are covered in hundreds of framed pictures and photographs of famous sites in Sevilla, the restaurant owner's family and traditional Spanish scenes. These paintings provide a source of entertainment in themselves - but don't forget to concentrate on your food as well!

Outside of the restaurant, there is a large terrace which looks directly over the Guadalquivir River which runs through the centre of the city of Sevilla. From this patio you can see some of the most famous buildings in Sevilla such as the Cathedral of Sevilla and Giralda Tower, the 'Torre del Oro' (Golden Tower), and the local bull fighting ring, Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza. Why not try and spot them all while your having your meal and tick them off in your Sevilla guide. There are also many patio heaters on the terrace for those rare cold nights in Spain.

The Menu

With all their experience, the team members at the Kiosko de las flores are confident that they cook the best food in all of Sevilla. However the best food requires the use of the best ingredients; hence this Spanish restaurant sources some of the best ingredients from in and around Spain. The fish used in their celebrated fried fish dishes come from the coasts of Cádiz and Huelva, to the South and West of Sevilla respectively. These cities are very close by so you can be assured that fish you are eating is very fresh.

Fried fish dishes

The restaurant is famous for its extensive range of fried fish dishes which are always cooked to perfection and the restaurant believes that the menu has something for everyone - even those who do not like fish! Some of the fish specialities on offer at this restaurant in Sevilla include 'gambas fritas' (fried prawns), 'calamares' (squid rings) and 'cazón en adobo' (dogfish in marinade).

But fear not people who don't like fish! There are other dishes which are just as delicious and just as expertly cooked available on the menu. For example there are 'Chuletitas de cordero con patatas' (Lamb chops with potatoes), 'Entrecot de ternera con patatas' (Veal fillet steak with potatoes), and 'Solomillo de cerdo ibérico con patatas' (Iberian Pork Sirloin with potatoes).

One of the other speciality dishes at the Kiosko de las flores restaurant is the typically Spanish dish of gazpacho. This cold soup dish is very popular in Spain as it is both delicious and refreshing on a hot Spanish day. Ordering gazpacho at a Spanish restaurant is proof that you know your Spanish food!

Aside from the 'à la carte' menu, the Kiosko de las flores also offers a set menu which is normally given to large groups of people having a celebration at the restaurant. All the menus at this Spanish restaurant are offered in Spanish, English and French. You could learn Spanish in Sevilla by trying to order from the Spanish menu, and comparing it to the English one if you get stuck!