Taberna del Alabardero - Sevilla

The Taberna del Alabardero is an exceptional Spanish restaurant located in the historic quarter of the city of Sevilla, a few streets away from the city's bull fighting ring. The Taberna del Alabardero is proud to produce food which is as wonderful as the building it is housed in.

The Restaurant

The Taberna del Alabardero has an interesting history which sets it apart from the other restaurants that can be found in Sevilla. The restaurant idea originally started in Madrid in 1976 and was thanks to the initiative of a local priest, Luis Lezama. Luiz Lezama wanted to help young people to access the restaurant industry by allowing them to gain experience in a real restaurant. The Taberna de Madrid was opened, with Patxi Bericua as one of the chefs.

Taberna del Alabardero

From this point forward, the idea has developed from being a social project designed to create jobs for young people in Spain into one of the biggest gastronomic companies in Spain and has also branched out into other sectors. The company's motto is 'Lugares de ensueño, restaurantes de calidad' which means 'Places of dreams, quality restaurants'. In essence, this forward-thinking group tries to combine first-class culinary training which cannot be found anywhere else, a chef-to-be's dream, while at the same producing high quality meals for their customers. A tall order but one they meet very successfully.

The Taberna del Alabardero in Sevilla opened in 1992 and incorporates the restaurant and the culinary and restaurateur school. At the present moment, both parts of the business in Sevilla are being managed by Juan Marcos. Juan Marcos is very keen to stick to the principles of the original school and restaurant in Madrid.

The Taberna del Alabardero restaurant in Sevilla is housed in an old mansion house which used to be the home to various families from the upper classes in Spain. As such the dining rooms are exquisitely decorated in a period style with many columns and arches to be found in the architecture. The bar section of the restaurant is decorated in traditional Spanish blue and white tiles giving it a much more homely and relaxed atmosphere. Take a minute to look at the ceilings as well as they exhibit some of the best examples of decorative plastering. Aside from the main dining rooms, the Taberna del Alabardero also offers private rooms in various shapes and sizes for parties and celebrations.

The Menu

Despite incorporating many young and trainee chefs into their team, the Taberna del Alabardero still provides very high quality dishes. This is partly due to the excellent training that the trainees receive from their more experienced colleagues, but is also due to the top quality ingredients that this Spanish restaurant insists on using. In particular the restaurant likes to use as much local produce as possible to ensure that the local Spanish dishes remain as authentic as possible.


The menu is extremely large and provides a great range of tweaked Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. Some of the highlights of the menu include 'Cola de toro deshuesada y rellena de langostinos con un toque de chocolate' (De-boned Oxtail and langoustine stuffing with a hint of chocolate), 'Atún rojo con estofado de fresas y lichis' (Red tuna with strawberry and lychee sauce), and 'Cordero asado al tomillo con cuscus de verduritas' (Roast lamb with Thyme, with couscous with green vegetables).

The Taberna del Alabardero restaurant also has an extensive pudding menu which is perfect for those with a sweet tooth! Similarly, the wine selection at the Taberna del Alabardero is varied enough to keep any wine connoisseur happy. The collection contains wines from all the famous Spanish wine production cities that you will find in your Spanish travel guide including Jerez, Navarra and Valencia.