Torre de Reixes - Alicante

The Torre de Reixes is a Spanish restaurant which can be found to the North-East of the city of Alicante, on the East coast of Spain. The cuisine at this restaurant is based on traditional Spanish food and is made using the freshest ingredients sourced from local markets.

The Restaurant

Torre de Reixes

Although the Torre de Reixes is out of the centre of the city, it is definitely worth the journey to get there if you ever visit Alicante. Firstly, the countryside that surrounds the restaurant is an authentic Southern Spanish landscape, away from the skyscrapers and hotels of the coastline.

Secondly, the building that houses this Spanish restaurant is simply fantastic. The old building has a large tower which acts as the beacon for travellers and gives the restaurant its name - those of you who study Spanish abroad will know that 'torre' means 'tower'.

This iconic tower has survived the test of time, originally being built in the 16th Century, withstanding some of the later technological and architectural changes that arrived in the 20th Century. Originally the tower would have been built as part of a fortress which would have been used to protect the people of the town from attacks by pirates arriving to Alicante by sea.

Later in the 18th Century, the area surrounding the Torre de Reixes restaurant was a sea of vineyards which produced wine for the local inhabitants. The excess wine was then kept in barrels in the towers, and accompanying houses, of the region, including the Torre de Reixes, before being sold onto other European cities.

The stone tower and the house that is next to it now form part of the Torre de Reixes restaurant. Unsurprisingly, being such a significant part of Spanish history, the owners have tried to keep as much of the tower and additional buildings as original as possible. Some of the original features include the wonderful stone floors, the stone archways and some of the wooden beams on the ceilings. The decor too has been chosen to evoke a historical theme. There are a lot of pieces of heavy wooden furniture, antique paintings and some antique weapons and tools.

The Torre de Reixes restaurant has an interior dining room as well as a terrace outside. The terrace is set in a walled garden area and is full of plants - the perfect place for a drink out of the hot Spanish sun. For special events such as weddings, the restaurant also has a large yet beautiful tent which is always decorated magnificently with flowers, chandeliers and candelabras.

The Menu

Torre de Reixes Menu

The Torre de Reixes in Alicante offers a detailed and refined menu of Mediterranean and Spanish dishes from the region of Valencia which is based on the use of fresh products from local markets. There is an emphasis on achieving the highest quality food for their customers at this Spanish restaurant. They combine tradition and creativity to ensure that the plates maintain their delicate flavours and aromas as well as look delicious.

The Torre de Reixes offers a variety of menus for all occasions. Not only do they offer an 'à la carte' menu, but they offer wedding menus, business menus, and set menus. On certain celebrated days of the year they offer extra menus as well such as the Saint Valentine Menu for Valentine's Day on the 14th of February. For those you with a young family, this Spanish restaurant also has a children's menu.

Some of the finer dishes on the menus include 'Arroz con magro y verduras' (Rice with pork loin and vegetables), 'Solomillo de Ternera con salsa de boletus' (Veal Sirloin steak with a mushroom sauce), and 'Merluza en papillote de verduras y cítricos de la tierra' (Cod in papillote of vegetables and citrus fruits).