Restaurante El Rinconet - Alicante

The Restaurante El Rinconet is a Spanish restaurant in which can be found in the picturesque country to the North of the city of Alicante, on the East coast of Spain. This restaurant specialises in a broadly Mediterranean cuisine with a few traditional Spanish dishes too.

The Restaurant

El Rinconet

Although this restaurant is out of the centre of the city, it is definitely worth the effort to get there if you ever visit Alicante. Firstly, the countryside that surrounds the Restaurante El Rinconet is an authentic Southern Spanish landscape, away from the skyscrapers and hotels of the coastline.

The second thing that makes the Restaurante El Rinconet worth a visit is the building which houses the restaurant. El Rinconet can be found in an old converted farmhouse that was originally built in the 18th Century. The farmhouse is set in its own extensive grounds, part of which has been converted into a wonderful playground for the younger diners at the restaurant.

Inside, the restaurant is decorated in a traditional Spanish style with tiled floors and wooden beams. They have also tried to keep the 18th Century farmhouse feel alive with natural decorations such as dried crops and old paintings. The furniture is also very natural and farmhouse-like as it is made out of rustic looking wood. There is also a large terrace outside that is often used for large celebrations such as weddings and christenings.

The farmhouse's exterior walls are painted in a wonderful rustic yellow colour and it is clearly visible from the road when you travel there. The gardens that surround the house are filled with plants and palm trees which makes a perfect setting for relaxing with a cold drink. If you have hired a car when you are in Alicante, you will be glad to know that the Restaurante El Rinconet provides ample parking for its customers.

Aside from the occasional weddings and other celebrations, the Restaurante El Rinconet also puts on other shows for its customers. There are occasional music performances by live bands and sometimes there is a Flamenco dance performance - a great way to submit yourself to a immersion into the culture of Alicante.

The Menu

The kitchen team at the Restaurante El Rinconet specialise in cooking Mediterranean cuisine from Italian pastas to hearty Spanish rice dishes. This Spanish restaurant is proud to provide the best food, and being so far out of the city centre, they have to try extra hard with their dishes to draw first time customers there. However, once you have eaten at El Rinconet you will definitely want to go back.

An important element of the cooking at this Spanish restaurant is the use of fresh ingredients. The restaurant is conscious of the fact that the best ingredients make the best dishes. Seasonality is also very important to the chefs at the Restaurante El Rinconet and so they tailor their menu to fit the produce of the time of year. All of this means that you can be assured that whatever you eat at this Spanish restaurant, it will always be fresh and healthy for you at that particular time of year.

Stuffed sea bass with garnish

Some of the great dishes that can be found on the menu at the Restaurante El Rinconet include 'Arroz de Conejo con Caracoles' (Rabbit Rice dish with Escargot), 'Lubina rellena con su guarnición' (Stuffed sea bass with garnish), and 'Pierna de Cordero al horno' (Leg of Roast Lamb).

The Restaurante El Rinconet, like every other Spanish restaurant in Spain, if not the world, has an excellent collection of wines of varying denominations. They also possess a collection of cavas, the Spanish version of champagne, and traditional spirits - the perfect end to any meal.