Restaurante Casa Ros - Alicante

Casa Ros

The Restaurante Casa Ros is a Spanish restaurant in Alicante that specialised in Spanish food and some dishes based on traditional recipes from Alicante. This restaurant also functions as a catering service and caters for many different events both within the restaurant and at other locations.

The Restaurant

The Restaurante Casa Ros takes its name from the restaurant founder, Alfredo Ros Deltell, who has been in the hospitality business for over 60 years. Alfredo Ros Deltell's career began in 1950 when he opened his first establishment in Alicante, which over the decades became one of the most famous popular restaurants in Alicante.

In 1985, Alfredo Ros Deltell's original restaurant became the place to eat for the members of the Palacio de Congreso, the local government building. During this time the staff and Alfredo Ros Deltell learnt a lot as they were sometimes catering for over 400 people at once. The restaurant also catered for other nearby organisations such as the Medical School, estate agents and well known travel agents.

Alfredo Ros Deltell finally changed the name of the restaurant to Restaurante Casa Ros in 2002 and decided to expand the business. This period of time was made easier by the assistance of Alfredo's daughter, Dolores Ros Hernández. Having worked with her father in the restaurant from a young age, Dolores was well equipped to help her father out.

From this point on the Restaurante Casa Ros expanded its catering horizons to include weddings, baptisms, business conferences and other large scale events. They also made their catering service mobile by investing in a refrigerated van so as to keep the food fresh on long journeys.

The restaurant itself is quite large, its rooms being able to seat up to 350 people at once. The rooms are simply decorated as they often have to be converted to suit different events quickly. The basic layout of the room is the large windows which are often bordered by drapes of varying colours, depending on the occasion, and pale walls and floor. The walls are covered with many painting which mostly depict food - something to wet you appetite while you wait for your meal!

The Menu

The Restaurante Casa Ros, when it is being a restaurant and not a catering service, specialises in Spanish and Alicante cuisine. The kitchen staff have many years of experience and are confident that whatever dish you choose will be perfect.

Arroz Negro

In particular, they consider themselves experts in the production of Spanish rice, fish and seafood dishes. The rice dishes are certainly worth a mention as they contain some of Spain's most famous rice delicacies such as 'arroz negro' (black rice) as well as the traditional paella dish.

This Spanish restaurant offers a daily menu as well as a number of set menus for both lunch and dinner. Some of the highlights from these menus include 'solomillo ibérico' which is an Iberian Sirloin steak that is served with grapes and red wine sauce, 'Cordero al horno' which is roast lamb and is served with a garnish, 'Lubina a la espalda' which is sea bass cooked skin side down and is served with a garnish.

This Spanish restaurant is also quite unique in the fact that if offers a 'design your own' menu service. The Restaurante Casa Ros will give you a large list of their dishes from which you can create your own menu. Obviously, for logistical reasons this is something you have to do prior to arriving at the restaurant and is available if you reserve well in advance. For example, if you have decided to visit Alicante in order to propose to your girlfriend or for a loved one's birthday, you could choose a menu composed of the dishes that they will love to make it a magical occasion.