Restaurante Alea - Málaga

The Restaurante Alea is a Spanish restaurant in Málaga which is a synergy between old and new from its location to its cuisine. This restaurant is located in the centre of the old part of the city of Málaga, just a few streets from the Guadalmedina River that runs through the heart of the city.

The Restaurant

Restaurante Alea

The Restaurante Alea is housed in an old windmill which dates back to the 17th Century. When it was built, the windmill was used to produce flour for the bakery below. In the 17th Century it was the only bakery that could be found inside the Moorish walls that surround the city. After this, the windmill was used for many different purposes such as a factory and shop that made and sold noodles and vermicelli, powering the factory with a wheel driven by animals. It was during the 1950s, when the windmill began to be used as a restaurant that the building really became a gastronomic highlight in every Málaga city guide.

The many paintings which can be found in the windmill and the tower date from the 17th Century as well and resemble the paintings that can be found in the nearby 'Iglesia del Sagrario' (Church of Sanctum). These paintings at the Restaurante Alea have only recently been uncovered as, due to an order made in 1785, all of the paintings had been painted over with white paint.

The building was restored in 2009 by the famous Spanish architect Jose Ramón Fauras, who maintained many of the original features including leaving the bare stone walls untouched. Other original features that you can find in the Restaurante Alea include the marble columns, the wooden beams and the large windows.

In contrast to this rustic background, the furniture and decorations of the Restaurante Alea are modern and funky. The section that stands out the most in this fusion between old and new is the bar. Surrounded by the old stone walls and the marble columns, the bar is made of glass and metal and is lit with blue and pink mood lighting that give it a chic look. Although you may think that this is an odd combination of styles, they culminate in providing a unique and interesting space where you can enjoy some fine Spanish food. You almost undergo a Spanish immersion into both the history and contemporary style of Málaga.

The Menu


The team at the Restaurante Alea is specially chosen for their unique skills and their ample experience meaning that you can be assured that all of the food they cook is of the highest quality and technical excellence. The kitchen team values creativity in their food and as such often takes wild excursions or hire in foreign chefs in order to enhance their menu. For example, this Spanish restaurant currently produces a variety of Japanese food thanks to the Japanese chef, Massanori Miyamoto.

The majority of the food at the Restaurante Alea is based on traditional Andalusian recipes with a modern twist, whilst always ensuring that the taste and flavour is never lost. They also pride themselves on producing fresh and healthy food, made from the finest ingredients.

The Restaurante Alea is an extremely flexible restaurant. They offer menus for every occasion including a children's menu. They are also open to holding large events for celebrations, corporate events and conferences. For example, they have held a conference for some of the motorbike riders from the European 250cc series, fashion shows and award ceremonies.

As with any good Spanish restaurant in Spain, the Restaurante Alea has a great selection of wines. They have many bottles from Spain as well as abroad and boast a large collection of champagnes including Munn, Cristal and Moet. They also stock the domestic version of champagne: cava.

The bar at the Restaurante Alea also serves as a Spanish tapas bar where they serve both traditional tapas as well as some of the restaurant's own creations where the Spanish idea has been fused with the cuisine of other cultures.