La Rebaná - Málaga

La Rebaná is a Spanish restaurant in Málaga and is the creation of Carlos Caballero. The modern Spanish cuisine that Carlos Caballero produces is beautifully juxtaposed to the traditional setting that the building which houses the restaurant provides.

The Restaurant

La Rebaná can be found right in the heart of the city of Málaga, just a few streets away from the 'Parque de Málaga' (Málaga Park). One of the things that make this Spanish restaurant so famous is the harmony between the building and the food, even though both of these contain the contrasting elements of new and old.


The building that houses La Rebaná used to be a convent which was built in 1850. When the order that lived in the building left, the building was used for many different purposes up until 1996. At this time, the building was housing an estate agent before it was bought in order to be converted into a pub and restaurant.

During the conversion, the old convent underwent a restoration program undertaken by Francisco González Fernández. This Spanish architect helped conserve some of the convent's finer architectural pieces such as the ornately decorated ceilings, the columns and some parts of the original convent walls. In the sections where these parts couldn't be saved, Francisco González Fernández added his own modern elements. The transformation took around a year to complete and the architect was rewarded with a special mention from the School of Architects of Málaga in 1999 for the restaurant's interior design.

It was around this time that Carlos Caballero began working at La Rebaná, dividing his time between working at the Spanish restaurant and his culinary studies. Caballero had been interested in cooking from a young age, having helped his mother out at home before getting a job at the restaurant in Málaga. Caballero left La Rebaná for a short while, working at other restaurants under other famous chefs, including Fernando Martín and José Carlos García. When Carlos Caballero returned in 2001 he had been named the best cook in Andalusia at the Cervatillo Awards at the young age of 23. His success led him to take over La Rebaná, the restaurant where he began his career.

The Menu

La Rebaná

La Rebaná truly encapsulates Caballero's passion for cooking. The cuisine at this Spanish restaurant is based on traditional recipes but is produced using modern techniques and with contemporary presentation. The cuisine therefore mirrors the setting of the restaurant - modernity and history together as one.

La Rebaná restaurant also pays a great deal of attention to the produce of the region of Andalusia, keeping a collection of local Iberian hams, cheeses and wines. Many of the dishes are the menu also originate in the local area of Málaga. The food and drink available at La Rebaná is like something out of a Málaga city guide incorporating produce from across the region and beyond.

Whether you like your Spanish food traditional or contemporary, La Rebaná has something for you and is definitely worth a trip when you visit Spain. From the traditional dishes on the menu the highlights include 'Alubias con Pechuga de Codornices' (Beans with quail breast) and 'Judias Pochas con liebre' (Beans with hare). Some of the more modern and fusion dishes include 'Solomillo de Avestruz con salsa de Frutas del Bosque y Pacharán' (Ostrich fillet steak with gin and fruits of the forest sauce) and 'Ensalada Templada de Langostinos, Frutos Secos y Mango' (Seasonal salad of langoustines, dried fruit and mango).

Staying true to the tradition of Spanish restaurants in Spain, La Rebaná has an excellent and extensive wine collection. Many of the wines come from Spain, of which a large majority is from Málaga or nearby communities such as Navarre. They also have a large selection of dessert wines and cava.