Restaurante Los Manueles - Granada

The Restaurante Los Manueles is a historic Spanish restaurant in Granada which has been around in the city for nearly a century. At this restaurant, they specialise in traditional, local cuisine which is some of the best and most authentic to be found in the city of Granada, thanks in part to their ample experience.

The Restaurant

Los Manueles

The Restaurante Los Manueles is located in the very heart of the city of Granada between the 'Plaza Isabel la Católica' (Isabel the Catholic Square) and 'Plaza Nueva' (New Square). However this has not always been the case. When the restaurant first opened back in 1917, it was situated in the old area called Manigua in the mountainous area to the East of the city of Granada.

In 1942, the restaurant moved to a building in the centre of Granada which had been used by another famous Spanish restaurant called 'Los Valencianos' since 1890. This restaurant was much more traditional in its styling, with a marble bar and antique lamps. The Restaurante Los Manueles occupied this historic location up until 2005, during which the restaurant was visited by a multitude of customers including the Spanish Royal Family in 1982.

Today the Restaurante Los Manueles is situated next to the Plaza Nueva and is located in a more modern building; however the cuisine still remains true to the traditional Andalusian recipes which made the restaurant so popular in Granada.

The new premises are styled in a chic and sophisticated way in order to appeal to the tastes of the contemporary population of Granada. The walls are white washed and the tables are simply, but stylishly decorated. However, the owners of the Restaurante Los Manueles have kept some of the features from their old restaurant, including many of the paintings that used to hang on the walls, especially a particularly large canvas which covers the majority of one of the walls to the right of the bar.

The Menu

Thanks to their long history, The Restaurante Los Manueles is one of the best restaurants in Granada to find truly authentic traditional Spanish food from Granada. This Spanish restaurant has also received many rewards and prizes for its food at both local and national gastronomy competitions.

Huevos estrellados

Some of their traditional Spanish delicacies include 'Calamares a la tinta' (Squid rings cooked in their own ink), 'Pulpo a la Gallega' (Marinated pieces of Octopus), and the 'tabla de ibéricos' which is a board of various hams and cheeses from across Spain. The Restaurante Los Manueles also make their own special version of paella, the traditional Spanish rice dish, called the 'paella Manueles'.

If you go to the Restaurante Los Manueles with a group of friends or family when you visit Granada, then you should consider ordering from the sharing menu which offer large plates of traditional Spanish tapas-like food for you all to pick and choose from. Some of the best options from this menu include 'Paté de perdiz' (Partridge Paté) and 'Rape en abodo' (Pickled Monkfish). Plus, don't worry if you don't study Spanish because the menus are offered in both Spanish and English.

For those of you with a sweet-tooth, you will be glad to know that the Restaurante Los Manueles also has an excellent dessert menu made up of a variety of home-made dishes including 'arroz con leche' (rice pudding), 'tarta helada con whiskey' (whisky ice cream cake) and 'tarta de piononos' (Pine nut tart).

The Restaurante Los Manueles, like every other good Spanish restaurant in Spain, has an excellent selection of wines which includes many Spanish varieties as well as few bottles from across Europe. If you are not so fussy about your wine, the restaurant also offers a good range of house wines too!