El Escenario de Cádiz - Cádiz

If you're looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the 21st Century then look no further than El Escenario de Cádiz, a Spanish restaurant in Cádiz. This restaurant specialises in a calming atmosphere and 'slow cooking', in which care and time is spent on each individual aspect of the cooking process.

The Restaurant

El Escenario de Cádiz can be found in a wonderful corner in the historic centre of the city of Cádiz which also happens to be next to the coast. The area in which El Escenario is called San Carlos and is bordered by the sea and the bastion of San Carlos, a fortified wall which was built in 1784 by Antonio Hurtado, a Spanish military engineer. Although the restaurant is situated right next to the sea front, you can't actually see the sea because of this wall. However the wall is magnificent and provides a good enough view for customers sat near the front of the restaurant.

El Escenario de Cádiz

The restaurant is housed in an old building whose character is recreated inside. Although the furniture is quite modern, the restaurant has tried to keep some original features such as the old wooden spiral staircase and some of the wooden floors. In order to evoke this classical style, the restaurant is full of gold-framed paintings, antique lamps and chandeliers and heavy curtains.

The restaurant really values the artwork that is displays and the majority of the paintings actually form part of an exhibition of local artists. The themes and style of art displayed at this Spanish restaurant are extremely varied and change often so your immersion in Spain's culture will be thoroughly rounded.

The reason why the restaurant is called 'El Escenario' or 'The Stage' is because the restaurant often holds live music concerts for its customers. These shows mostly consist in live Spanish folk bands and the occasional Flamenco performance. The music that is played over the speakers in the restaurant for the rest of the time is chosen specifically with the customers' relaxation in mind.

Another element of El Escenario in Cádiz that makes it worth a visit is the restaurant's green policy. The restaurant is very conscious of its impact on the environment and they have taken many steps to reduce its carbon footprint. Currently, 85% of the restaurant's lights are using energy-saving bulbs and the kitchen team practises a responsible water usage policy. They also ensure that they recycle all of their bottles, boxes, cardboard and paper. El Escenario also sends its used cooking oil to a company that converts it into soap which is then sent to some of the poorest villages in the world. However you can still find many of the modern comforts at the restaurant including free Wi-Fi internet.

The Menu

El Escenario menu

Although the restaurant's philosophy of a restaurant where there is no restaurant noises, such as the crashing of plates, the clink of glasses and cooking hisses, appears strange at first, it is all part of the restaurant's aim of letting the customers focus on the food and the experience completely without distraction. 'Slow Cooking' is also a large part of the restaurant's unique selling point. In 'slow cooking' the chefs pay ample attention to every element of the cooking process including.

El Escenario provides a Spanish tapas menu which is great for sharing with a group of friends or family. Among the tapas the 'Paté de Pulpo' (Octopus Paté) and the 'Cóctel de Marisco' (Seafood Cocktail) are some of the most interesting.

The 'à la carte' menu at El Escenario also has some great dishes such as 'Langostinos al Escenario En salsa de perejil y vino de la tierra' (Langoustines El Escenario style in a parsley and local wine sauce), 'Albondigas de Rabo de Toro' (Oxtail Meatballs), and 'Cochinillo asado' (Roast Piglet).