Restaurante Arteserrano - Cádiz

The Restaurante Arteserrano is a Spanish restaurant in Cádiz which specialises in good food and good art. The overall aim of this restaurant is to celebrate the art of eating and so attention is paid to not only the food but the restaurant's atmosphere as well.

The Restaurant

The Restaurante Arteserrano is located on the South-West coast of the city of Cádiz next to the seafront. From the restaurant you get excellent views of the 'Playa Victoria' (Victoria Beach), the long stretch of sand that lines the Western side of Cádiz.


The restaurant was opened in July of 1996 by the owner and manager, Manuel Pérez, who had decided that he wanted to open a restaurant that produced some of the finest food and tapas in Cádiz while still maintaining these dishes at a reasonable price, ensuring that the art of eating was accessible to all.

When the Restaurante Arteserrano opened, Manuel Pérez was overwhelmed by the success of his restaurant both with the locals of Cádiz and tourists visiting the city. Tourists particularly enjoyed the gastronomic cuisine as well as the many parties at the Restaurante Arteserrano such as the celebrations which are held at Easter and the local carnivals.

The success of this Spanish restaurant led its owner to implement an expansion program for the restaurant between the years of 2000 and 2001 so as to increase the restaurant's capacity, allowing more people to enjoy the famous food and atmosphere. The restaurant now has two air conditioned dining rooms inside which can seat up to 250 people. Furthermore there is a large terrace outside that can seat a further 150 people and which has spectacular views out to sea.

There is also a large bar which can seat many other customers and it is where you can enjoy the huge range of Spanish tapas on offer at the Restaurante Arteserrano. The bar is definitely worth having a drink at when you visit Cádiz as it is very beautiful. The walls at the back of the bar are covered in brightly coloured tiles and above them hang countless Iberian hams. The tiled floor and the traditional dark wood furniture also adds to the classic Spanish bar experience.

Other additions to the restaurant include a grill which opened in 2011. This grill cooks some of the finest meats sourced from the local markets in Cádiz. The grill cooks the meat with oak charcoal to give it a rich, traditional flavour.

Today, more than ever, the Restaurante Arteserrano lives by its motto of providing the public with quality products, attentive service, competitive prices and all with a strong sense of the art of cooking.

The Menu


The main menu at the Restaurante Arteserrano in Cádiz is extremely large, consisting in over 90 different dishes, so you can always be assured that you will find something to your taste. Furthermore, in keeping with Manuel Pérez's idea of the art of food, all of the dishes are presented beautifully. Some of the specialities include 'Calamar Fresco Relleno' which is fresh squid stuffed with cod eggs with a fish sauce, 'rabo de toro estofado' (Stuffed Oxtail) and 'Chuletitas de cordero lechal' (Suckling Lamb Chops).

The tapas and aperitif menu is also extensive, composing of over 80 different items. Some of the favourites from this menu include 'albondigas de chocos' (Cuttlefish meatballs), 'pastel de pulpo a la gallega' (Marinated Octopus tart) and 'berenjena rellena' (Stuffed aubergine.

As well as the 'à la carte' menu and tapas menu, the Restaurante Arteserrano also offers a variety of set menus including a special menu for children. They also cater for weddings and other large celebrations with a number of menus for such occasions. All of the menus are available in English, German and French, so you don't have to study Spanish in Spain to be able to order at this Spanish restaurant!