Restaurante Casa Salvador - Valencia

The Restaurante Casa Salvador located in Valencia in Spain is a totally family-run restaurant that offers some of the finest, traditional Valencian cooking with fantastic Valencian views.

The Restaurant

Casa Salvador - Valencia

The Restaurante Casa Salvador is situated in a traditional 'Barraca', a traditional style building that can be found in the regions of Valencia and Murcia is Spain. These buildings were often used as farmhouses for farm labourers. These 'barracas' are characterised by their steep, triangular roofs and white washed walls. The building of the Restaurante Casa Salvador therefore reflects the traditional Valencian element of the menu.

Although clearly it is the Spanish food that makes the Spanish restaurant, the setting and location of a restaurant can make all the difference. The Restaurante Casa Salvador sits next to the L'Estany Lake which appears to have remained untouched by man, apart from the graceful boats that are moored there. The freshwater lake is also a successful fish farm, making this restaurant a great place to not only try out some traditional Spanish food and practise your Spanish, but a good place to study Spanish fishing. The restaurant has a large terrace along one side which looks out across the lake, providing a tranquil setting for a delightful meal.

The Restaurante Casa Salvador is also famous for remaining open everyday for the 60 years that it has been open for business since the year of 1950. This is due to the dedicated family who run the restaurant who is passionate about providing the very best in Spanish and Valencian food. This means that you can be assured that the restaurant will be open when you visit Spain.

The Menu

The Restaurante Casa Salvador prides itself on its fresh ingredients which are locally sourced from the surrounding area. The majority of the vegetables are freshly picked on the day and are grown by the family who have two hectares of land in which they grow onions, tomatoes, artichokes, peppers and much more.

The restaurant is famous for its famous paella dishes which tend to include fish or other seafood and a variety of rice. Rice is also another of this Spanish restaurant's preferred ingredients and makes up some of their speciality dishes. For example, aside from the extensive range of paella, the Restaurante Casa Salvador offers black rice, a delicacy in Spain. In fact, rice forms a part of around 90 of the restaurant's dishes.

Paella Casa Salvador

Being so close to the Spanish coast, along with most other restaurants in Valencia, means that the restaurant specialises in fish and seafood. They provide a wide variety of fish which can be cooked in an even wider variety of manners such as roasting, baking and grilling. Seafood too is considered to be one of the best sections in Spanish food and the Restaurante Casa Salvador does not disappoint, providing its customers with a large variety of fresh prawns, shrimps, mussels and lobster.

You couldn't be in Spain without having a good wine list available at a restaurant, and the Restaurante Casa Salvador is no exception. The wine cellar at this Spanish restaurant could be said to be an anthology of wine as the collection is extremely varied in both wine type but also in the years of production and the origin of the wine. The restaurant estimates that there is over 1300 bottles of wine, champagne and cava, the Spanish sparkling white wine, in the cellar originating from a variety of countries. A delight for any connoisseur of Spanish wine!


The Restaurante Casa Salvador is extremely proud of the Valencian Spanish food that they specialise in, and as a result they often represent this area of Spanish cuisine in Spain and across Europe at gastronomic exhibitions.

Furthermore, this Spanish restaurant has also received many prizes and rewards from the local government of Valencia and other Valencian institutions which have helped cement the Restaurante Casa Salvador as part of the cultural heritage of Valencia. Some of the rewards include the Gold Medal of Tourism Merit, Honorary Diploma of Tourism of the Government of Valencia and the National Prize of Traditional Gastronomy.