Restaurante Plaza 23 - Salamanca

The Restaurante Plaza 23 is located in the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca and lives up to the spectacle of its location in its food. The cuisine that you can experience at this Spanish restaurant is based on traditional Salamancan recipes, with twists from other European cities, which is then presented in a contemporary fashion.

The Restaurant

Plaza 23

This Spanish restaurant, situated under the archways of the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, is the lastest restaurant to be opened and run by the famous Spanish chef, Gonzalo Sendín. Before opening the Restaurante Plaza 23, Gonzalo Sendín had already managed three other restaurants to great success. Hence this restaurant was bound to become famous as soon as it opened.

The restaurant was designed by an Italian firm called the Costa group and all three of the Restaurante Plaza 23's sections, the restaurant, the bar and the terrace, are extremely elegantly decorated.

The restaurant sits on the first floor of the building with the purpose of allowing the diners to experience the fantastic views of the Plaza Mayor, over the heads of the milling crowds below. This is made all the more easier with the help of the two large picture style windows. These windows also provide ample light which illuminates the exquisitely decorated room. The interior is decorated in a mixture between modern and classical styles. The furniture and chandeliers look like antiques but the black and white furnishings and walls make the room appear modern and chic.

The terrace is out on the Plaza Mayor itself, under the arches of the restaurant above. The history and the architecture of the surrounding buildings in the square mean that the experience of dining is also like taking a Spanish course in Spain's art and architectural history.

The bar is a juxtaposition of old and new. The rough stone walls contrast with the smooth, modern bar and mood lighting. Above the bar there is a huge crystal chandelier that further enhances this synergy between classic and contemporary styles.

The design of the restaurant and its facilities reflect the essence of this Spanish restaurant's cuisine. Tradition mixed with modern techniques can be seen in the food served which are based on traditional Salamancan recipes yet are cooked and presented using contemporary skills and styles.

The Menu


Many of the kitchen staff employed at the Restaurante Plaza 23 have trained and worked outside of the city of Salamanca, which means that there is a great pot of skills available in the kitchen. These chefs use these outside influences to enhance the traditional dishes that they produce.

This restaurant is the perfect place to experience some Spanish fine dining when you visit Salamanca. To ensure the quality and authenticity of the Salamancan dishes, the restaurant sources as much local produce as possible from nearby farms and factories. The techniques used in the cooking process are also tailored to ensure that the maximum amount of authentic flavour is produced. Furthermore, the menus are based around the produce that is in season at the time. Together this means that whatever dish you choose from the menu at the Restaurante Plaza 23, it will be fresh and in season.

The food at the Restaurante Plaza 23 in Salamanca is undeniably exquisite but what brings the food up to the next level is the way that food is presented. Dishes are always served in an elegant fashion, almost like a piece of modern art that has been sculpted by these artists-come-chefs. As a result, the traditional dishes from Salamanca are given a new lease of life thanks to the modern presentation they are awarded in this Spanish restaurant.

On offer at the Restaurante Plaza 23 are dishes such as 'Lomo de venado' (Veal Sirloin steak) which is served with olive polenta and a purée of vanilla pears, 'Taco de Cochinillo asado'(Roast Piglet), and 'Lomo de merluza' (Grilled Hake fillet) served with prawns. On the terrace you can also order Spanish tapas style dishes for you to share with your friends and family.