Restaurante Josetxo - Pamplona

The Restaurante Josetxo is a Spanish restaurant in Pamplona which prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere and attention to detail when it comes to food. The restaurant specialises in 'haute cuisine' and has perfected its dishes over the many years it has been open.

The Restaurant


The Restaurante Josetxo has been a family-run business for over a half century, originally opening in 1955. At this time the restaurant was located in a first floor apartment by Alejandro Elizari and Felisa García. The restaurant became the haunt for people working at the workshops of the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway, the Cuban singer Antonio Machín, as well other surrounding businesses.

Thirty years later in 1985, the restaurant had become so popular that the family had earned enough money to be able to afford some new premises. It was in this year therefore that the Restaurante Josetxo moved to the plaza Principe de Viana (Prince of Viana Square), just a few streets away from Pamplona's bull fighting ring. The new restaurant was set up on the two first floors of an old 19th Century building which had previously been declared as a historical monument.

Today the Josetxo restaurant is still run by the same family, currently jointly run by the second and third generations of the family. The family is proud of its hospitality and cooking heritage and is keen to carry on the tradition of running the restaurant in Pamplona. The youngest members of the family, Juan and Raquel, run most of the business as chef and manager respectively.

The building that houses the Josetxo restaurant is stunning and the family has used the 19th Century style throughout the restaurant's dining room. There is one main dining room at the Josetxo which seats up to 60 diners as well as a couple of private dining rooms which are hired out to groups of guests. The furniture at the restaurant is of a classical style and is mostly made out of dark wood. Dotted around the restaurant are many sculptures and paintings which complement the red wallpaper and white pillars beautifully. The best part about the dining rooms are the intricate stained glass windows which bring in the natural light in different shades and are also wonderful to look at.

There is also a bar which is also styled in a classic 19th Century fashion with a combination of padded green velvet and dark wood. There are also some wonderful antique armchairs and sofas next to the bar which is a great place to sit and enjoy a glass of Spanish wine.

The Menu

Josetxo Menu

Tradition is part of this Spanish restaurant and it can be seen in every aspect of the place, including the dishes. The food at the Restaurante Josetxo is always of good quality thanks to its basis on good quality products. Most of the recipes are based on traditional Spanish recipes but the kitchen team often likes to experiment, however this is mostly limited to creative presentation.

The restaurant offers a variety of menus to suit all tastes. Some of the best items from the menu at the Restaurante Josetxo in Pamplona include 'Filete de merluza con arrope de pimientos y ajetes tiernos' (Hake fillet with a pepper and tender garlic shoot syrup), 'Carrillera Ibérica guisada al vino tinto' (Iberian pork cheek cooked in red wine), and 'Bogavante preparado en ensalada al vinagre de Jerez' (Prepared Lobster sautéed in Jerez sherry with salad).

Like any other good Spanish restaurant in Spain, the Restaurante Josetxo in Pamplona has an excellent collection of wine and cavas in its cellar. They have a magnificent range of varieties as well as a good range of ages, including some bottles dating back to the time when the first Josetxo restaurant opened in 1955. The family is extremely proud of their wines and therefore ensure that they know as much as possible about their wines as well as taking time and care with the temperature and serving of the wine - which means you don't have to study Spanish wines to order a glass here as the hosts will always be on hand to help!