Restaurante Buenaventura - Marbella

The Restaurante Buenaventura is a Spanish restaurant in Marbella which can be found in the old quarter of the city. This restaurant has become one of the landmarks of fine dining on the Spanish coast, using local produce to create exciting new dishes and flavours.

The Restaurant


The Restaurante Buenaventura in Marbella is located in the pedestrian area in the old quarter of the city, away from all the traffic, making it the perfect spot for some good food and a spot of relaxation. The restaurant is situated in the centre of the historic and commercial area of Marbella which also makes it a great place for a pit stop within a tour in Marbella.

This Spanish restaurant can be found in the 'Plaza de la iglesia' (Church Square) which takes its name from the 'Iglesia de la Encarnación' (Church of the Incarnation). The Plaza de la iglesia has recently been renovated which included works to one of the towers of the 'Castillo Árabe' (Arab Castle) which dates back to the 11th Century. This castle also makes up an important part of the wall that surrounds the city of Marbella. This 18th Century church is the main feature in this square and is considered to be one of the most important buildings in the city of Marbella. If you go to the Restaurante Buenaventura when you visit Marbella then you will be able to study the church and take in all of the history surrounding the restaurant from your table.

The restaurant itself comprises of three separate parts: the interior section, the patio and garden section, and the terrace. Inside the Restaurante Buenaventura, the rooms are decorated in warm rustic colours that are both traditional and welcoming. The ceiling is covered in dark wooden beams which give the restaurant an old and homely feel as well.

Thanks to the excellent weather in Marbella, the patio and garden area at the Restaurante Buenaventura is the most popular area amongst its customers. The tables are surrrounded by many wonderful plants such as bourgainvillea, jasmines and lady of the nights. Coupled with the bubbling fountain in the middle of the patio, it means that this is without doubt the most tranquil spot in Marbella. However when the time comes to party, the restaurant holds a traditional barbeque in the garden under the starlit skies.

The terrace is located at the front of the Restaurante Buenaventura within the Plaza de la iglesia itself. Therefore this is the best place to sit if you want to subject yourself to an immersion in Marbella's history.

The Menu

the menu

The menu at the Restaurante Buenaventura is constantly evolving but always sticks to the basic principles of seasonality and freshness. The restaurant prides itself on using the best ingredients from the nearby coast, mountains and countryside of Marbella and Málaga, as well as the South of Spain as a whole.

All of the food at this Spanish restaurant is made with care and attention to detail. The dishes at the Restaurante Buenaventura have a distinctive Mediterranean flavour but they combine both tradition and innovation as the chefs combine traditional recipes with modern flavours and creative presentation. Thanks to their individual style cuisine, the Restaurante Buenaventura has transformed itself into a reference point of gastronomy in Marbella.

Some of the highlights of this Spanish restaurant's menu include the 'Conejo de Júzcar a las dos cocciones con almendras y azafrán' (Double-cooked Júzcar Rabbit with almonds and saffron), 'Lomo de ciervo marinado al aroma de tomillo con castañas pilongas' (Venison steak marinated flavoured with thyme and dried chestnuts), and 'Cocochas de bacalao con mantequilla de vizcaína' (Pieces of cod with Biscayan butter).

The dessert menu is also worth ordering from as all the desserts are made freshly in the kitchen as soon as you order them. The dessert menu is very long and varied and so the restaurant suggests that you try the 'Sweet-tooth' selection which provides a number of the best puddings for two people to share.