Los Galayos - Madrid

Los Galayos is a Spanish restaurant in Madrid which prides itself on its Spanish food based on traditional recipes with a few small modern twists. It is located in the centre of Madrid just a few steps off the Plaza Mayor which means it provides a perfect pit stop for tourists visiting the city.

The Restaurant

Los Galayos

Los Galayos is a restaurant which is almost as historic as its surroundings. The restaurant originally opened in 1894 as the 'Casa Rojo' (Red House), but back then it was more like a tavern, only serving Spanish tapas and the occasional aperitif. Over the years the establishment has grown into a fully fledged restaurant that has made full use of its popular location and history.

Since it transformed itself into a restaurant, Los Galayos has always been a restaurant of importance in the city of Madrid. During its long history this Spanish restaurant has been visited by a number of illustrious guests including many famous Spanish writers such as Federico García Lorca and Luis Cernuda. The restaurant was even cited by Arturo Perez-Reverte as being the place where he came up with the main character for his series of books, Capitán Alatriste.

Los Galayos

The owners of Los Galayos restaurant have kept many of the original features from the old establishment which adds character to the restaurant. All of the dining rooms at Los Galayos have been decorated differently but all of them contain an element of history. The rooms on the ground floor are decorated traditionally with exposed wooden beams on the ceiling, antique paintings and traditional dark wood furniture. There is also a room located in the restaurant's caves where the walls have not been plastered to allow the customers to see the old brickwork. This section is made to feel like you have stepped back in time, especially with the old suit of armour and shields. Inside there is also a traditionally decorated bar which is the best place to enjoy the restaurant's selection of Spanish tapas.

Outside the restaurant puts out a large number of tables in the 'Plaza Mayor' (Major Square) to form its terrace, which they often decorate with grape vines during the summer months. This is an excellent place to sit and enjoy not only a great Spanish meal, but also to take in the history that surrounds you as well as appreciate the stunning architecture that is on display in the square.

The restaurant is currently run as a family-restaurant by the Grande family who make excellent hosts at this Spanish restaurant. Plus there is no reason to worry if you don't study Spanish or you get stuck with the Spanish menu as the hosts and the staff speak English.

The Menu

roast suckling pig

Los Galayos specialises in producing traditional Spanish food, mainly focusing on recipes from the Castile area. The kitchen team also likes to experiment with contemporary styles of cooking, although these kinds of dishes only make the occasional appearance on the menu.

The Galayos restaurant in Madrid is particularly well known for its traditional roast meats which include roast suckling pig, roast baby goat, and roast lamb, all of which are cooked in a time-honoured fashion that has been used in the capital for centuries.

Other dishes served at Los Galayos include 'Albóndigas de Rape Marinera' (Monkfish meatballs), 'Callos de Ternera Guisados al Estilo Tradicional de Madrid' (Stewed veal tripe in a traditional Madrid style), and 'Estofado de Rabo de Toro' (Stuffed Oxtail).

Just like every good Spanish restaurant in Spain, Los Galayos has an excellent collection of wines ranging from a wide number of locations within Spain as well as some from abroad. They also have a good range of champagnes and cavas, the Spanish equivalent of the sparkling white wine.